Group Meditation
& Mindfulness


Attend a course of four Sundays within a month and you’ll learn mindfulness and life coaching tips, skills for life, strategies to de-stress and slow the headspace down to return to a place of clarity! Through group mindfulness and meditation, you’ll glide into the week ahead in a serene state of calm and renewed energy.




Join the Awaken tribe in our special group Meditation & Mindfulness sessions. It’s seriously the best way to end your weekend and sets you up perfectly for the week ahead. 

The meditation sessions vary from month to month. Your Awaken guide may focus on meditation, mindfulness and/or mindFITness. The crystal singing bowl can also be used for sound healing. The music is incredible! Listening to your soul calling is a gift of the present moment, releasing energy and renewing patience.

You’ll leave in a serene state of calm. Your inner love grows every time you attend. Sharing this experience with a friend or partner can make it even more special.

These classes fill up quickly as space is limited. We recommend booking the full month’s sessions (4) at the time of booking because these sessions fill up fast and this secures your spot in each of the four sessions.

The time is now to start living an awakened life.


When: Returning in 2020! Keep an eye on our social media pages for updates!

If you are interested in learning more about mindfulness and meditation, or if you have certain goals you wish to achieve, check out our 1:1 transformational Life Coaching programme.

Where: South Coast Boardriders Club on the Esplanade, St Clair (blue building overlooking the beach and playground) although if the morning is beautiful, we make the most of St Clair beach and head there for some meditation in nature!

Cost: $15 per session (casual booking), $60 (full month pass).

What to expect: A group of up to 20 people on a similar path of enlightenment as you, all committed to practicing self-love each week.

What to bring: A comfy cushion as we sit on the floor and a snuggly blanket. There is seating for anyone requiring it.

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positively transformative testimonials

I have always been on the fence about trying meditation... on one hand I had heard all the benefits of meditation, but on the other I didn’t think I would enjoy sitting in silence which is what I thought meditation was. Awaken Meditation and Mindfulness has forever changed my view! Vicky has a way about her that is hard to explain- she’s so fun and genuine but she is also very intuitive as my flatmate and I found out! She knew exactly what we needed without knowing us personally. It was remarkable. The mindfulness course was what I looked forward to each week, and you come away feeling so at peace and content. Not only that, but you are encouraged to write what you learn in the sessions (which helps later when you might be struggling!) And you learn how to breathe and how to change your thinking to attract the right energy and things in life. I can’t recommend Vicky and this course enough!
I met Vicky through a mutual friend and started going to the meditation classes — incredible. Having previously meditated, I have never experienced anything quite like what I do with an Awaken Meditation and Mindfulness session. It’s something you have to experience for yourself. I have been able to reach my deepest meditation so far, and I leave every session feeling immensely balanced and centred.
Vicky Murphy leading an Awaken Sunday session at St Clair beach

awaken sunday guides

With years of experience and hearts full of passion, our life coaches guide you to find your serene state of calm.