An empowering yet fun experience just for children to help them better understand their emotions, learn to let go of anxiety and stress, and boost their self-esteem. 




KidsCalm Dunedin is an empowering yet fun experience, just for children. It encourages them to better understand their emotions and teaches them how to use their breath. 

Through art, craft, meditation and mindfulness techniques, your child learns to let go of anxiety and stress, as well as their self-esteem and confidence being boosted.

Your child learns how their own communication can have either a positive or negative impact on their friendships. The skills they gain boosts their confidence to problem-solve and engage in positive friendships. They learn positive communiation and negotiation techniques.

More and more children have feelings of anxiety, have difficulty understanding their own emotions and find friendships hard. KidsCalm works to encourage children to enjoy the practice of simple yet effective meditation to achieve a state of calm, how to rethink their thoughts and choices and try again.

The time is now to for your child to start developing skills for life and self regulation, to live happily and confidently.

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Program Length: approximately 7 weeks plus 2 follow up appointments for children 15 years and under

Cost: $85 per 45 min session

Location: Spa St Clair, 246 Forbury Road, St Clair Dunedin

What to expect: Children can focus on their heart and fill it up with joy, happiness, love, laughter and relax into their journey of deep breathing

Your first session: In order to craft an effective programme for your child, we need to really get to know them. The first session is focused on discovery, from which Vicky will create the program


KidsCalm Mentor

Vicky has developed KidsCalm, combining techniques she’s learned as an Early Childhood Teacher and Life Coach.