Holistic Life Coaching


Through an approximate 7-10 week one-on-one coaching program , you’ll learn techniques to understand your thought processes, let go of limiting beliefs, tame anxiety and feel free to be your true, authentic self.



Awaken Life Coaching Program

Your life coach will create a program with you across approx 7-10 weeks of one-to-one coaching. The sessions are based on your aspirations to fine tune your thoughts processes and energy, therefore creating an inspiring reality. Each session includes a mix of practical mindfulness techniques, meditation, thought process mapping, energy medicine, crystal healing, singing bowl meditation, tuning fork, chakra.

We’ll teach you how to take these techniques home and practice them in your daily life. Each session is a new opportunity to reflect, to gain a deep understanding of yourself and how you can take control of your own destiny. 

This practice does wonders for understanding the root of anxiety and developing coping strategies to control these intimidating thoughts.
Enquire today and have a chat through your aspirations and goals. We’ll match you with the coach we feel is best aligned to deliver the outcome you want.

Life Coaching is available via distance through Skype. We often have a waiting list for our life coaching service so we recommend enquiring to register your interest as soon as possible. 

The time is now to start your unique journey of self-discovery!

Already in our life coaching program? You can now book your own appointments! We’ve made it super easy for you to manage your own bookings which means less back-and-forward with us to get a day and time that suits you. Click here to manage your appointment >>


Program Length: approximately 7-10 weeks plus 2 follow up appointments.

Cost: Awaken Holistic Life Coaching is $135 per 60 min session. We have a special rate for tertiary students of $99 per 45 min session. For children under 16yrs of age, please refer to our KidsCalm programme.

Location: Spa St Clair, 246 Forbury Road, St Clair Dunedin. Skype is available for those living outside Dunedin.

What to expect: Upon confirming your first appointment, you’ll be able to create a log-in to our website where you can book your sessions and make payment online. We prefer you pay in full prior to your session however if you require a payment plan, do talk to you your life coach. We understand life can throw you curve balls and are here to enable progress, not limit it.

Your first session: In order to craft an effective programme, we need to really get to know you. Your first session is two-hours (cost $270) from which your coach will create your program. This is a big download session where you talk about your aspirations and set goals. This session is all about you! It's a fun session and you will feel great to get all of the limitations out of your head and off your chest. You’ll be given a journal for you to write in during your sessions and take home with you at the end of your program.

Booking: Our one-on-one coaching sessions are extremely popular. To hold your spot, we ask for a deposit of $135 upon booking (the deposit is 50% of your first session).


Vicky, I want to express my gratitude for all that you have opened my heart to. From the personal growth I have (and continue to) achieved, the release of old beliefs, and the reconnection to self; to the training package you pulled together so that I could enhance my professional life (I love this part because I get to pay it forward and share with others what you have taught me); your vibrant and beautiful-self makes it very easy to learn and to want to strive for something better. From the bottom of this ever-expanding heart of mine, thank you.
I met Vicky through a mutual friend and started going to the meditation classes — incredible. Having previously meditated, I have never experienced anything quite like what I do with an Awaken Meditation and Mindfulness session. It’s something you have to experience for yourself. I have been able to reach my deepest meditation so far, and I leave every session feeling immensely balanced and centred. A few sessions in, I decided to do life coaching, and it feels like our paths crossed for all the right reasons. I cannot praise and thank Vicky enough for what she has taught me. I 100% recommend her for anybody who is seeking clarity, peace of mind, or happiness.. anything! I say this with absolute confidence, you will find it. This has been a crazy life changing experience and something I will never forget.
Life coaching with Vicky Murphy at Awaken Meditation & Mindfulness in Dunedin

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