Girl with hands in the air after a life coaching session with Vicky Murphy at Awaken Meditation & Mindfulness

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Feel calm, empowered and positively transform your life.

Awaken introduces you to a divinely-guided practice of life coaching, meditation and mindfulness to slow down the busy mind, understand your thought processes, and create your own reality. The skills you will learn will awaken your power. Together, let’s unleash your highest self and transform your life!


“I feel so content and at peace. Through life coaching with Vicky, I learnt how to breathe. How to change my thinking to attract the right energy and things in life. I can’t recommend Vicky and her programmes enough!”
-Joan Mason


How can we help you?

Through the range of services that we offer, you'll find something to help you transform into your true, authentic self. Be it one-on-one coaching, group mindfulness sessions or even a programme to help your child's wellbeing - we can help you.


5 Ways to Master Mindfulness!

Mindfulness is a state of wellbeing where you are totally immersed in the present moment. You are aware of your presence, your surroundings and your ability to respond without being reactive; a personal response-ability. Mindfulness is not automatic, yet it is natural to humans. Today, we seem to be lost ‘being busy’. This trend draws us away from our natural state of present-moment awareness. We encourage you to enhance your wellbeing with these 5 easy steps to achieve mindfulness.

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